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Harperbury Hospital, Radlett

Harperbury Hospital was a former mental health and learning disailbities hospital built on the remains of world war 1 hangers.  A large part of the hospital was closed in 2001 and those bulidings have rapidly deteriated over the years. I visited most recently in 2013 but since then a new purpose built building has been established in the middle of the original site – leaving all the old buildings now closed and derelict.

The new building retains the newer name of ‘Kingsley Green’ and continues to offer a variety of services.


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  1. Don’t go there’s a dangerous man living there this youtuber been attacked 3 times a police investigation is currently underway

  2. If you don’t mind a bit of asbestos and aren’t claustrophobic, there’s some service tunnels running under the complex that nicely link up several of the buildings. We traveled from the first building with the car park out front all the way to the empty hall, bypassing security entirely.

  3. There is more than one way in

  4. hey people! this place looks cool and i know where it is but theres only one way in and one way out? how did you get in without being caught! id loveto know

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