Asylums Popular West Park

West Park Hospital, Epsom

West Park Hospital or ‘West Park Asylum’ as it is more commonly called was founded in 1912 & competed by 1924. West Park was the

Industrial Popular

Robert Fletcher & Son Ltd – Greenfield, Oldham

Sometimes refereed to as ?Fletchers mill? or ?Fletchers Paper Mill? this mill sits tucked away in the valleys of east Oldham as if one day


Bristol United Maltings

Bristol United Maltings factory is somewhat an eyesore of a building next to the SS Great Britain. Not a lot of history seems to be


Brooks Dye Works & Bristol Industrial Cranes

There wasn’t really a plan for this weekend. So many things to look at and yet so many things that really didn’t come to fruition.


Brooks Dye Works, Bristol

Up and till last week I was still of the asumption that this place was still being used by Brooks. How wrong one could be,