Asylums High Royds

High Royds Asylum, Menston

Visited primarily to see the excellent ‘Reflecting on High Royds’ exhibition, held by fellow friend & explorer ‘Silverstealth’ at the still functional social club within

Asylums Cane Hill Popular

Cane Hill Asylum, Coulsdon

Cane Hill Hospital will be remembered perhaps as not the most famous of the county asylums but certainly one of the most interesting. From a

Asylums Popular Severalls

Severalls Hospital, Colchester

Severalls Hospital, (or Severalls Asylum as its was originally known) Colchester, opened in 1913 for 1800 patients. It is based on the “echelon plan”, which


Clifton Rocks Railway, Bristol

Visited initally on the open day in May to see the top station and all the artifacts found and then again today to see the