Weston Pier, North Somerset

Sadly on the 28th July Weston Pier caught fire. A huge devistating fire destroyed the pavilions at the end of the pier. 3 days later


Edison Swan Cable Works, Lower Lydbrook

I’ve been here many times before. Never did I imagine I’d find this though.


Angel of the North, Gateshead

On the way back from St Mary’s a quick detour off the A1 to take this in. I’d driven past it countless times in the

Asylums St Marys

St Mary’s Asylum, Stannington

A brief visit to St Mary’s Asylum just to the north of Newcastle. Built in 1910 to releave presures on the nearby Sedgefield Asylum it


Barrow Hosptial, Bristol

Barrow Hosptial was built in the 1930’s to release the amount of patients held at Bristol’s main asylum ‘The Glenside’  – It was originally called

Asylums Cherry Knowle Popular

Cherry Knowle Asylum, Sunderland

Sunderland County Borough began construction of its own asylum during 1893, completed in 1895. The site chosen consisted of sloping land outside the village of