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The Conditioning House, Bradford

Built in 1902 as a result of a special act of parliment as a scientific testing facility for the wool industry. Nearly 70% of all wool produced in the UK would have been brought here for testing prior to use.

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Stanley Royd Museum & Chapel, Wakefield

Stanley Royd was one of the earliest aslyums built with construction starting in 1816. Work completed in November 1818. It closed in 1996 and has since been converted for residential use. The Stephen Beaumont museum is open from 10am to 4pm on Wednesday’s and provides a unique insight to Aslyum …

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Billingham House, Teeside

ICI’s Agricultural Division Offices – commonly known as ADO and then Billingham House. A seven story complex overlooking the ICI chemical plant on the otherside of the road. Billingham house had rather rare paternosters lifts. The building closed in 1992 and has since been heavily stripped and was due for …

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Fairmile Hospital, Berkshire

Fairmile hospital opened in 1870 and had a 132 year long career in caring for people with mental health problems. The site was purchased in in 1866 for the sum of £8,317 4s 9p. The architect Charles Henry Howells of Lancaster Place, London designed the asylum which was built at …

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