Asylums West Park

West Park Hospital, Epsom

7th Visit to West Park, an old favourite that you can never tire of I guess. One ward that I’ve always wanted to do was


Dreadnaught Storm Drain, Bristol

Built in 1974 the ?dreadnaught? storm drain runs from Bishopsworth through to an outfall on the diverted stream of the river Avon in Bedminster. The

Asylums Mid Wales

Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

No words can really describe the decline this year of this site. Better security at the beginning of the year may have prevented mass theft


Bridge Valley Road Deep Shelter, Bristol

Visited in August 2008 this shelter and former railway tunnel has become one of the hottest topics in Bristol due to the closure of the

Hospitals Popular

Barrow Hospital, Bristol

A return to the first real site I explored. Barrow Hospital opened in the late 1930s as an expansion to the overcrowded Bristol City Asylum,


George Barnsley & Sons, Sheffield (35mm)

Same visit as previous but taken on the Canon 300 Film SLR. Again used the 50mm f1.8 prime lens and Kodak 400CN B&W film.


George Barnsley & Sons, Sheffield

When I visited George Barnsley & Sons Cornish Works in Sheffield over 2 years ago it ranked as one of the most time warped explores


Redmire Water Treatment Works, Sheffield

This water treatment works tucked away in Sheffield is somewhat of a photographic gem. It features quite simply the best unintentional smiley face display panels

Asylums West Park

West Park Hospital, Epsom (35mm)

Taken during the previous visit but this time on my new film SLR. Bought on eBay for an extremely expensive £10 and used with my

Asylums West Park

West Park Hospital, Epsom

A quick return to a site I visited less than a month ago. The site is rapidly deteriorating and even more so than my previous

Asylums Runwell

Runwell Hospital, Essex

My second visit to this recently closed mental hospital. This time not many shots and generally externals. Following the ending of contracts accommodating patients at


Landaff Sub Control, Cardiff

Visited in June 2009, a true cold war timewarp. The sub-control was built in 1956 remaining operational until the disbanding of the Civil Defence Corps