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Healings Flour Mill, Tewkesbury

The flour mill in Tewkesbury dates back to 1865 and produced flour for over 150 years.  Grain was shipped up the river from Avonmouth. It was closed in November 2006 and its future remains uncertain with large structural issues effecting the silo building

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The Forts, Flat Holm Island

Flat Holm island has had two military occupations. First in the 1860’s and again in 1940 during world war 2. In the 1850’s, Queen Victoria & Prince Albert visited france where they became concerned about the strength of the French Navy. The Royal Commission of 1860, under the direction of …

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The Foghorn Station, Flat Holm Island

The foghorn station on Flat Holm island was built in 1908 to accompany the lighthouse that originates back to 1737. The powerful compressed air signal was installed in one building while a cottage provider the keepers with extra accommodation.  The foghorn was silenced for the final time in 1998 with …

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