Landaff Sub Control, Cardiff

Visited in June 2009, a true cold war timewarp. The sub-control was built in 1956 remaining operational until the disbanding of the Civil Defence Corps

Asylums West Park

West Park Hospital, Epsom

My 5th visit to West Park and my first for nearly a year. This time last year West Park became somewhat a tourist attraction due


Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre, Todmorden

It’s not the sort of thing I’d usually explore.  A rundown medical centre in the middle of nowhere.  But then there is a little history

Asylums Runwell

Runwell Hospital, Essex

Following the ending of contracts accommodating patients at the Essex county’s Brentwood mental hospital, joint facilities were developed between East Ham and Southend-on-sea boroughs. A

Asylums Denbigh

North Wales Hospital, Denbigh

The North Wales Lunatic Asylum was the first psychiatric institution built in Wales; construction began in 1844 and completed in 1848 in the town of

Asylums Mid Wales

Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

A quick stop on the way back from Denbigh to check out the state of affairs at Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth.  The site has continued