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Gartloch Hospital, Lanarkshire

A first trek north of the border lead me to Gartloch Hospital, situated in the east edge of Glasgow in Gartcosh. It’s construction was completed in 1896 and served patients till 1996.   During the second world war it was converted to a emergency medical services hospital. Current mental health patients were transferred elsewhere during this time. This legacy would last well into the 1960’s before reverting to its original intended purpose.  A tuberculosis sanatorium was also opened in 1902 and closed after World War II.

Parts of the hospital have since been redeveloped into a luxury village environment. Sadly the ‘category A’ listed administration building and stunning main hall sit in a state of  desperate dereliction. As we stood below the grand hall it was noticeable that it was physically falling down on itself as the rain poured down. It won’t be much longer before it completely collapses.

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