Not much is known about this site anyway, it was built around the 17th century and has had various uses through the years from care home to its last use which was a hotel & wedding venue. Since our visit building work has started on converting the buildings residential use. The urbex community named it the jag mansion due to the vehicles left rotting to the rear of the site. It’s unknown if these are connected to the site but they add an extra aspect to the site


  • Louise Barnes, August 30, 2019 @ 13:09

    Sadly there has been a massive fire at the house in the last few days which will probably have caused structural damage.

  • Carole Jacoby, August 21, 2015 @ 16:03

    My partner and I recently drove into Rawtenstall and saw this building standing neglected. I walked into an estate agent’s office and asked about it. They told me it was called Horncliffe Manor. How very sad that this once magnificent building has gone into disrepair. I hope it is true that someone has bought it and will bring in back to its former private residency splendour!

  • Christina, February 9, 2015 @ 00:16

    Has nobody noticed the old fashioned fireman in the conservatory? Looking out, it’s just like an old photograph. We noticed it straight away…

  • Jane lee, January 19, 2014 @ 17:17

    I worked at Horncliffe in 1985 when it was a home for the elderly – the happiest if my working life- nearly cried when I saw the photos what a pointless waste of such a beautiful building

  • tumbles, July 8, 2013 @ 08:28

    I didn’t originally name this site, but once it was plastered all over the internet with its location and name there was little reason for me to leave it as ‘The Jag Mansion’ which is what this post was originally titled.

  • Sue Berry, July 6, 2013 @ 11:09

    Update on this property – continues to deteriorate and now completely secured. Naming sites online does not help these places, the cars have been trashed.

  • Nat, October 31, 2012 @ 15:05

    its called **** Ed: I know what it’s called, that’s not the point ***, it was a house then a hotel n then the large function room just out side of the main house that was used as a place for weddings n proms etc in the end. i have plenty of pictures cant upload them didn’t no about the cars n that are at the other house to the rear? oh btw planning permission has been granted to make it a house again, there was a big argument about whether it should be a hotel or not but the guy who owns it wants it to be original. its now being renovated. 31/10/12

  • Tove, September 26, 2012 @ 14:28

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. Hardly any places like that in England, the decor is so elaborate. Gypos nicked the fireplace though, no doubt all the copper!

  • Sue Berry, September 11, 2012 @ 00:50

    Unfortunately there’s been some damage recently – seems the yobs have finally found this treasure. Also, the bannister, landing & wall to the left as you go up the stairs, and the floor of the adjacent room have collapsed. Neglect is certainly taking its toll.

  • Rameshwar, July 29, 2012 @ 17:43

    Wow the photo of that truck-tree is awesome.Can’t wait to find out more about’the house’.When I was grnwoig up (i’m 30 now) I would often come across derelict houses.You are right there is always something a bit creepy and eerily energetic about them.Especially if there are items left over to give you a hint at who used to lve there.My immediate presumption as a kid was that whoever had lived there must have died.I always wanted to know the story behind it all.Funny,you don’t see many derelict houses nowadays though.

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