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Deva, Countess of Chester Asylum, Chester

The Cheshire County Lunatic Asylum, more commonly known as Deva, lies in the grounds of the still active Countess Of Chester Hospital in Chester.

In 1829, the Cheshire Lunatic Asylum opened on part of the site. The county’s mental health unit was based in the ‘Lunatic Asylum Building’. The name of the site changed throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, from the “Chester County Lunatic Asylum”, to “County Mental Hospital”, to the “Upton Mental Hospital”, finally the “Deva Hospital”. During this period, treatment for mental illness changed from institutional confinement to medication and therapy making the wards less busy. Eventually less than 5% of patients were kept confined in the hospital for treatment.

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  1. It’s demolished.

  2. Can you still get into it today?

  3. pic 24 was a mess when i visited. Shame they knocked it down, it was right on my front door step!

  4. It’s sadly all gone now.

  5. Are we able to visit this place? Our Great Great Grandfather George Hughes, died there aged 38 of ‘general paralysis ending in apoplexy’ in 1881

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