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Hanham Hall Hospital, Bristol

The site of Hanham Hall hospital dates back to the middle 17th century. Starting out as a gentry house and agricultural and industrial centre it changed ownership several times before it was sold in 1916 to the Rev. H.N. Burden, a promoter of treatment for ‘inebriates’ and mentally-ill children who established a mental
institution. The NHS took control of it in 1948 and it continued in its role as a mental hospital. It closed in 2000 and parts of the site have already been redeveloped. The original administration block remains and is grade II listed.

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  1. Judith Desautels

    Does anyone remember Alf Groves who worked there?

  2. When I first saw the place I was 4 yrs old 1954 and even now I can still see the semi naked (loose white gowns no shoes) people trying to get out between the bars at the windows

  3. Hi Martin Rose,

    I am a student currently studying Learning Disabilities Nursing at UWE in Bristol. I noticed you said you used to work at Hanham Hall Hospital, I have chosen to do a research project on this hospital and was wondering if you would be able to give me any useful information from it? I would love to here a first-hand account about this hospital 🙂

    Beth Morgan

  4. sorry the comment was addressed to you Mr Rose, I’m not sure where that other name came from.
    I so hope you can help me
    Many thanks


  5. Naphthine. , D.J.

    Hello, I note you worked at Hanham Hall. I am trying to trace what happened to my cousin who was a long term resident there. He was in Brunel Ward. I wonder if you know who I should contact to see if he is still alive and if so where he is now. He would be about 0 year old by now
    Thank you so much

  6. These photo’s bring back so many memories. I worked on Saltford Ward and Ellacombe Ward and have some very happy memories of Hanham Hall Hospital.

    Thankyou, brought a tear to my eye.

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