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Harperbury Hospital, Radlett

Harperbury Hospital was a former mental health and learning disailbities hospital built on the remains of world war 1 hangers.  A large part of the hospital was closed in 2001 and those bulidings have rapidly deteriated over the years. I visited most recently in 2013 but since then a new purpose built building has been established in the middle of the original site – leaving all the old buildings now closed and derelict.

The new building retains the newer name of ‘Kingsley Green’ and continues to offer a variety of services.


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  1. The site has been demolished now, forget it.

  2. My sister died here on 15th March 1969 . She was called a spastic , paralysed and could not talk . Looking for more information of this time .

  3. Where abouts are these tunnels?

  4. Julie Morris Smith

    Tumbles. You sound like the Voice Of Reason here.

  5. It’s been demolished.

  6. Hi we want to go there please follow and dm my Instagram @pyschoo.bitch_ if anyone’s interested

  7. Sorry everyone, due to multiple arson attempts, all the buildings there have been boarded up, on site security and alarms have been beefed up massively. The only way in, is through the service tunnels. The hospital buildings are placed in a big ‘D’ Shape. – Follow the path round to the middle of the curve and you will find an open man hatch – Thats your way into all the buildings. The tunnels are long, dark and very asbestos-y. I dont know how you’d get out of the buildings you climb into though.

  8. I’m new to this and going to Harperbury next week any tips people please

  9. I don’t know why you’d bother

  10. Spoilers Pond

    Paul we want to go soon, we live an hour away and are aiming to try to locate the tunnel to get from building to building.
    You interested in meeting up and doing this place???

  11. I want to go there. Anyone interested in going there soon?

  12. that youtuber lewis is being investigated for making fake content on all of his videos and might also have his channel taken off him as well

  13. From the football pitches at back.

  14. I tried to go here today, I needed some photos for a project. Wish I could of gone with someone who knows what they’re doing, we got caught by security! I think we went in the wrong way entirely, but I really want to go back and try again. Does anyone know the best way to get into the premises?

  15. I know people who went at weekend with no issues. Maybe its being overplayed..

  16. Luke, any updates on the situation? We went there last month (Still a newbie to the tunnels – would love to go back to explore them!) and could see visable signs of squatters in one of the buildings that “closed” in 2011 (if I’ve got my dates right)

  17. Don’t go there’s a dangerous man living there this youtuber been attacked 3 times a police investigation is currently underway

  18. If you don’t mind a bit of asbestos and aren’t claustrophobic, there’s some service tunnels running under the complex that nicely link up several of the buildings. We traveled from the first building with the car park out front all the way to the empty hall, bypassing security entirely.

  19. There is more than one way in

  20. hey people! this place looks cool and i know where it is but theres only one way in and one way out? how did you get in without being caught! id loveto know

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