Built as part of the original St Peter’s hospital it served to deal with causalities during the second world war. Built at the rear edge of the site in the 1940’s it remained in use till April 2009 after a new, bigger, mortuary was built as part of a major refurbishment of the hospital.



  • Chris, April 13, 2016 @ 10:17

    Sadly guys, the place has been made completely secure and is now impossible to get into 🙁
    I took a series of shots about a month ago and planned to go back the following week only to find sheet metal panels bolted across all possible enrtry points and windows.
    I have posted an AV on YouTube entitled ‘Hope after Death’ which shows some of the images I took.
    Alternatively, I have a Facebook page Chris White Photography which has the images also
    You are welcome to include the images on this site if you wish as I’m not sure wheter anyone will be able to get in for sometime

  • tumbles, December 21, 2015 @ 16:06

    St Peters Hospital. Chertsey.

  • Quincey, December 19, 2015 @ 12:22

    Am I able to get an address to this site please?

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