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Golden Grove, Camarthenshire

Gelli Aur Mansion was rebuilt by the Earl of Cawdor between 1827 and 1832, replacing an earlier Tudor mansion, he house remained in the Cawdor family until the 1930s. During World War II it was occupied by the US 8th air-force as an R&R resort and, until 2003 by Carmarthen collage school of art and technology. Unusually for Wales the mansion is has Scottish Baronial features in a Tudor architecture style. It is constructed of Llangyndeyrn limestone traditionally called ‘black marble’. Its national importance is recognised by its Grade II* listing.

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  1. A quick Google search for “Golden Grove, Camarthenshire” will give enough results to easily find this place, although I think it is now occupied/in use.

  2. wat a cock!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Appreciate the comments but I don’t give out access details to people I don’t know. Sorry.

  4. Looks lovely! Could you drop me an email with an idea of access and a rough location? Cheers!

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