Asylums St Marys

St Mary’s Hospital, Stannington

My 3rd and final visit to St Mary’s – with demolition already there wasn’t much thought. Sadly due to this not much of the main

Asylums St Marys

St Mary?s Asylum, Stannington

It’s about 11 months since I last visited St Mary’s. On that day I didn’t have much luck but this wasn’t the case today. It


Angel of the North, Gateshead

On the way back from St Mary’s a quick detour off the A1 to take this in. I’d driven past it countless times in the

Asylums St Marys

St Mary’s Asylum, Stannington

A brief visit to St Mary’s Asylum just to the north of Newcastle. Built in 1910 to releave presures on the nearby Sedgefield Asylum it