Visited in August 2008 this shelter and former railway tunnel has become one of the hottest topics in Bristol due to the closure of the road that runs over it. At present the road remains close due to a fault running through the rock face and further complications caused by the deterioration of this 80 year old tunnel. Latest estimates put the costs at £2million pounds to reopen the road. Many people, myself included, think the road is better off closed due to the significant improvement of the flow of traffic on the A4 portway that adjoins it.

Bridge Valley Deep Shelter started out life as a railway tunnel for the ill fated Bristol Port and Pier Railway which ran up to just under the Clifton Suspension Bridge. In the 1930’s the railway was removed due to expansion of what is now the busy A4 portway road into Bristol. The tunnel remained disused till the advent of the 2nd world war when it, along with the Clifton Rocks Railway tunnel, found use as air raid shelters. Later in life it became used, in part, by the Bristol handgun club. When new handgun laws came into effect in the club ceased and the tunnel has remained dormant every since.


  • Bomb Proof Records Room, Bristol - Whatevers Left, June 29, 2020 @ 11:02

    […] The branch was closed in 1922 to make way for construction of the A4 Portway. The two tunnels that now sit either side of Bridge Valley Road remained. Known as Tunnel #1 and Tunnel #2 they were 160m and 65m long respectively. Tunnel #1 was repurposed as an air raid shelter during world war 2. It was so popular that the council had to initiate a pass system to deal with the numbers that would attempt to use it during raids. This tunnel was then repurposed again in the 1970/80’s when Bristol Gun Club turned around 1/3rd of it into a shooting range. I explored this back in 2008 […]

  • tumbles, November 19, 2010 @ 08:08

    It’s locked up very tightly due to the subsidence.

  • MAX, November 18, 2010 @ 17:47

    Hey brilliant pictures. Was wondering if anybody knew any contact details for this place as I’d like to use it as a film locations. Any idea who I could contact about that? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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