High Royds Asylum, Menston

Visited primarily to see the excellent ‘Reflecting on High Royds’ exhibition, held by fellow friend & explorer ‘Silverstealth’ at the still functional social club within the former hospital grounds.

High Royds hospital is a now-closed psychiatric hospital in the village of Menston, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. It was first opened on 8 October 1888, as the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum, and was closed on 25 February 2003.

A truly magnificent example of Vickers Edwards architecture, it is arguably the finest example of the broad arrow layout.

The administration building, which is Grade II listed, is now considered something of a show piece at the former hospital, which is situated on a 300 acre site at the foot of Rombalds Moor.

Since its closure, the site has been used as a film set for the film Asylum, as well as for the television series No Angels and Bodies.

While the site is now in the process of development into houses it is still possible to see some areas.  The wonderful administration block is finally getting some tender loving care after a year of neglect which saw many people outraged by blatant lead theft and subsequent water damage to such a beautiful building.