A return to the first asylum I ever visited. I have been here many times before and wasn’t intending to visit again but the news that the business park had gone into administration gave me the urge to visit once more. Since all the buildings were stripped of their precious slate roofing back in the spring the buildings have deteriorated beyond any future use. Furthermore since my last visit it is clear that the main hall has been deprived of its slate covering too. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to buy the site, it will slowly away into a wreak.

Some history of the hospital:

The Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth, Brecknockshire was originally called the Brecon and Radnor Joint Asylum on opening in 1903; the name was changed to The Mid Wales Hospital in 1921.

The first patients at the hospital were admissions mainly from the Brecon area but numbers also arrived from towns further afield such as Swansea and Shrewsbury.

Although initially intended to cater for 352 patients, at one point at the end of 1925 there were 455. In December 1955 the number of patients had reached 496. In 1994 the total number of patients averaged 140, but 179 could be catered for.


  • AARON, March 23, 2010 @ 22:04

    we have made a offer to the recivers to try to save the main building and chpel , but they dont seem to want to sell , i suppose a emply clear site is worth more to them

  • muppix, February 7, 2010 @ 20:31

    Great photos – wonderful atmosphere! Love that elevated shot of the great hall.

  • Lula, January 3, 2010 @ 10:28

    The poor girl’s in quite a state. Very sad to see, especially that damp in the main hall. =(

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