I visited Severalls just under a year ago and it was thought at that time that demolition/conversion was likely to happen any given day. But then this is Severalls, it’s been due to be knocked down for about the last 5 years. Today it still stands as it did a year ago and it’s likely it won’t be sold off for a few years yet. The biggest Asylum I’ve visited, it would take days to cover the whole site and I think you’d get lost in the vast corridors as a result!

For more history & pictures, read my report from last june here


  • Maureen Reene, May 28, 2016 @ 09:32

    Hi Mary I also trained and worked in Cane Hill. I had some good memories like meeting my husband but as you rightly say I also witnessed things and treatments that will never leave me.
    I also remember patient ‘Terry’ as he had a little crush on me and many others.

  • Mary, May 22, 2016 @ 07:03

    HI I started my training as an rmn in the early 70s , I am now 64 , and would like to get in touch with other folk who also worked in severalls at that time because we experienced some barbaric methods and although I know it was of that period many of my experiences as a trainee nurse still haunt me and not forgetting that by virtue of the fact we were trainees left us incredibly vulnerable to methods used and I am sure there will be other nurses of that time period will have views or feelings similar to mine.

  • Andrea Kingston, June 8, 2012 @ 01:20

    It’s very, very strange and stirring to see you’re photographs. I trained as a nurse in Colchester and lived here in the nurses home from 1994 to 1997 when the place was closed. I had to spend the last couple of months of trainee nurse life over at the nurses home at the general hospital. Those times weren’t anywhere as near as great as the times we had in Severalls. When we lived there the place was so big and unused but still so well looked after. The nurses home and university buildings were off the right hand side (looking out from the door) of the main block. We used to collect our uniforms at the boutique and bought chocolate from the machine on the wall. The canteen had the most delicious mushroom stroganoff on a Tuesday if I remember rightly and we loved it. It’s an amazing place and to see it so decayed and haunted like that it is a very emotional thing. There certainly weren’t any nasty spirits hanging around when we traversed the halls at night, which we did often on the way home from the social club. One interesting ghost did hang around the nurses home and liked to move things inside one room in particular. Number 53 it was where a couple of my friends lived over the time we were there. Amazing but very sad pics. Thank you. Andrea

  • Townie, April 19, 2010 @ 14:00

    I was up at the site a couple of weeks ago, just having a wander around the areas that aren’t fenced off. Was having a look at some of the unfenced annexes when I bumped into two security guards, luckily I had my dog with me so used him as an excuse that he had wandered off and was retrieving him. I had a good chat with security, who claim that they have needed to step things up due to the high amount of break ins. They were saying that they caught some people inside the fenceline taking pictures of all the old buildings, the police were called and they were taken away. Security claim that anyone caught inside the fenceline will be dealt with by the police. However, from spending quite a lot of time up there, security do a drive around service in a small white van, where they park up and walk around the inside of the perimeter fence – this appears to be on a basis of every 1 – 2 hours, and less so at night (as the other day demonstrated when a settlement of travellers set up camp overnight without security preventing them) – travellers have subsequently been moved on now…
    Also be aware that some of the smaller buildings that are empty outside the perimeter security fence, near the main entrance (off Boxted Road), are fitted with security alarms. There is also a cctv camera fitted to the main block of the abandoned building inside the the security fenceline, pointing towards the ‘still operational’ admin building. Still trying to investigate the safest, easiest and least detected way of getting in is…. If anyone else knows, please let me know as this set of buildings is a must for me to go and visit.

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