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St Edward’s Asylum, Cheddleton

St Edward’s Asylum was constructed between 1895 and 1899. It provided a welcome overflow to the nearby St Georges Asylum in Stafford and St. Matthew’s Asylum at Burntwood. It was later renamed to St Edwards Hospital. Set in an amazing woodland it has been carefully converted into residential use since closure of the hospital. By far the most impressive feature is the water tower now converted into apartments on 8 floors. The water tower in its original use could have held 161 tones of water.

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  1. See the on the links page for county asylums. On there you’ll find links to the relevant archives

  2. could you please tell me when my auntie was admited to st edwarrds mental hospital hospital miss anne clarke of moran road knutton newcastle staffs , she also died in st edwards.

  3. Stephanie Corbett

    Does anyone know if Miss Barbara Sneyd resided at St Michaels at anytime between the years of 1902 to 1956 ??

  4. I’ve been trying to trace the life story of an ancestor and I’ve discovered he ended up spending decades in this asylum, so to find the place I’d read about on the 1901 census, and to see photographs of the place which was his home until he died in 1920 is really moving. I hope that I can get read the records that are in Staffordshire’s archive, though it’s a long way from where I live. Are any available through local history groups or on line. His wife was still alive as he is listed as married in the 1901 and 1911 censuses.

  5. Yes, it was originally known as ‘The County Asylum Cheddleton’ then ‘St Edwards Asylum, Cheddleton’ and finally just ‘St Edwards Hospital, Cheddleton’

  6. I wonder if anyone can tell me if this Asylum is the same as The County Asylum Cheddleton
    Many thanks

  7. can anyone help me I’m trying to find out about a patient all I no is that I ws the last grandchild he held & that was in 1973 I was about 6-8 wks old I want to find out why my grandad Woolley was in & how long for. I just hope someone can help me.

  8. Thanks DC. I did get the two ledger pages and discovered all sorts of things that I didn’t know about my family, including th ename of a sibling who died at 9 days old. My mother always said she existed, but my great uncle’s Cheddleton record was the first place I found her.

  9. Hi Coral,

    Quite often the local council have extensive archives have a lot of information including patient records and the like. You might want to see if Staffordshire Council have any records in storage that might help you find out any more information.


  10. Can you help? My aunt was born in 1906 and I know from family history that she was admitted into St.Edwards hospital being pregnant and unmarried. She gave birth to a daughter there who I think died as a teenager but unfortunately I have no dates for my aunt’s admission date or death date or my cousin’s birth or death…..is there anywhere I can get this imformation other than trawling through the death registers. My aunt’s name was Edith Jones. Many thanks for you help. Coral Cozier

  11. The records of the asylum are held by the staffodshire authorities, I managed to get hold of my great grandfathers who died there in 1913. there were two large ledger pages headed under his name in very florid script! be careful you might not be very impressed with why he was there. with a death in 1901 you should be able to get hold of the records with them being over 100yrs old without any problem with privacy law. A bit of digging through Staffodshire archives should lead you to the source.

  12. I’ve just discovered that my grandfather’s older brother Thomas Lomas was in Cheddleton Asylum in 1901. is there any way of finding out more about the institution and what individual patients were committed for?

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