My 5th visit to West Park and my first for nearly a year. This time last year West Park became somewhat a tourist attraction due to seemingly non existent security. As a result of this things have deteriorated badly and it?s a distant memory of how it was some two years ago during my first visit. Security maybe back but the neglect of last summer has paid a lasting toll upon the walls of this once grand asylum.

West Park was the last mental hospital to be developed on the Horton Estate, having been planned since 1906, prior to the opening of neighbouring Long Grove asylum. Initial development to have been completed for opening in 1916. From 1917 the main hospital was largely complete and utilised by Canadian Military, and subsequently handed back to London county council. The complete hospital was anticipated to hold approximately 2,000 patients of mixed class. The hospital started a phase closure in 2003 and by 2005 was almost completely disused except for some male wards and other little area on the site.


  • Ed, August 19, 2010 @ 13:23

    Some of the best pics of West Park that Ive ever seen. I must say that the room full of floor polishers and vacuum cleaners all stood in rows, as if waiting for something would be v. spooky to explore at night…

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