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West Park Hospital, Epsom

West Park Hospital or ‘West Park Asylum’ as it is more commonly called was founded in 1912 & competed by 1924.

West Park was the last mental hospital to be developed on the Horton Estate, having been planned since 1906, prior to the opening of neighbouring Long Grove asylum. Initial development to have been completed for opening in 1916. From 1917 the main hospital was largely complete and utilised by Canadian Military, and subsequently handed back to London county council. The complete hospital was anticipated to hold approximately 2,000 patients of mixed class. The hospital started a phase closure in 2003 and by 2005 was almost completely disued except for some male wards and other little area on the site.

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  1. A 2 second google found it – KT19 8PB

    It’s all been converted by the way.

  2. Helena Cashman

    Does anyone know the postcode of the hospital

  3. My Grandma (Beatrice Marian Bates) was a patient from Feb/March 1933 until she died on 8th August 1933. She was admitted because she could not cope with the death of my Grandad (Charles Henry Bates) who died on Feb 16th 1933. Could anyone point me in the right direction to find any record of my Grandma’s time at West Park Road Hospital? She originally resided at Archer Street, South Lambeth.

    Regards John

  4. Hi

    Tying up some loose ends with my family tree…I had a relation Nellie Pegum nee Silver who was a patient for many years and died there in 1973..Anyone know her?

    This was my grandmother.


  5. Hi, I work as an auxillary from 1980 – 1985.

  6. Sorry posted incorrect email. My correct email is bernadette.cunningham@o2.com if you have any information on Michael O Brien who was trainee nurse at Westpark in around 1965 1966. Many thanks

  7. Hi
    I was wondering if anyone recalls an Irish trainee nurse Michael O Brien who worked at Westpark in 1965 1966, not sure how long he stayed there. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Bernie

  8. Hi everyone,

    Im doing a project on West Park and the history. Would be really interested to hear from any people that are local to the site, worked there or ex – patients. My email is meadjessica@hotmail.co.uk.

    Thank you

  9. I was born & raised in Epsom & the hospitals were very much part of life there. My Mother worked as a Physio at Horton Hospital & two good friends trained & worked at West Park (Steve Corran & Judy Boxer). Sad to see it go as the alternatives don’t seem that good

  10. I trained at WPH from 1986-89. Great memories, sorry to hear of it’s demise. Lots of laughter and tears. Met some good people, staff and patient’s alike!

  11. Jennifer Cadogan(Topsy)

    I worked at West Park from 1966-1969, and have lots of stories to tell during my training as a student.

  12. Hi everyone,

    I am currently writing a research project on West Park Hospital as part of m teacher training and would love to hear from any ex-patients or staff, any information or stories of the life there would be great, first hand accounts are always more interesting than history books! email: notpennysboat@live.co.uk

    Many thanks


  13. Hi everyone,

    I am doing a research project on West Park Hospital as part of my teacher training and would LOVE to hear from any previous patients or staff. Anything you know would be of help, first hand accounts are a lot more interesting than history books!
    Please get in contact!

    Many thanks

    email: notpennysboat@live.co.uk

  14. It’s been mostly demolished in the past 12-18 months.

  15. Hi, im working on a project for LCF and would love to use this as a location for my photoshoot…
    I was wondering if anyone knew of a contact number of anyone who owns this building or if I would need permission to enter the building etc..?
    Please email me hollie_lewis@me.com
    Thankyouuu 🙂

  16. Check out image 26 above. O’Brien James – D.O.B 29/11/1893 Admitted 15/02/88. He was either 95yr old when he was admitted or he was admitted before he was born!! Great set of photos thanks!

  17. Hola, busco a una chica llamada Estrella que es de Galicia y trabajó desde el año 1971 al 1972 en el hospital West Park Epsom Surrey.Ella vivía en la residencia Anderson House y a mi me conocía por Issabel y ami novio como Mario “el Canario”. Ella tenía una amiga que se llamaba Mari Fé.
    Me encantaría encontrarla

  18. Wow. I was incarcerated in Drummond Ward, which can be clearly seen in 7.jpg. Good grief, what memories these photos bring back. Dreadful place. I was drugged out of my senses, locked up in the padded cell there, all manner of deprivations. It really was straight out of “one few over the cuckoos nest”. Very nasty, and very scary.

  19. My grandmother Sylvia Barnett was a patient fom the mid 1930’s until her death in 1952. I would like to trace any of her nieces or nephews, children of Charles and Phyllis Anderson.

  20. Brad it’s almost completely demolished now and builders everywhere. It’s just not worth it.

  21. hi me and my friend would like to go there and take photos. can someone tell me exactly where it is?
    Thanks for your help

  22. philip samuels

    My mother, nearing 90 years old, and I would like to know if there any records of Ida Robinson,a patient for many years at West Park mental hospital during the 1920s,1930s etc

  23. I wouldn’t be so sure there aren’t any records, they may be in the archives. There was a massive amount stored on site and also left lying around. It’s possible the burial may have been on site – many asylums buried patients on site.

  24. Interesting site! I have only recently discovered that my maternal grandmother, Gladys Dorothy Nixon, who I never knew, was admitted to West Park hospital on 20 Nov 1928 from her home in Lambeth, south London, and remained there until her death on 13 Jun 1967 – nearly 40 years. My mother, passed away some years ago, kept this from me which is so sad. I’ve been told that no medical records for gladys survive and I cannot even find where she was buried or cremated. Are there any former hospital staff out there who remember Gladys?

  25. Jak Hutchcraft

    My email address is: jak_hutchcraft@hotmail.co.uk

  26. Jak Hutchcraft

    Hello all,
    I’m doing an investigative project about West Park Mental Hospital and I’m trying to get in contact with any ex-patients or ex-staff.

    I want to know everyone’s feelings towards the demolition of West Park that is taking place?

    Glad to see it go? or sad to see it disappear forever?

    was it a place of good or bad memories?

    Thank you,

  27. That area of the hospital is still in use so I would hazzard a guess it remains. Otherwise try contacting the development team at WP?

  28. hi
    please could any one tell me what is happening to the sports and social club at west park?? is it being knocked down or is it avalible for lease or sale?????

  29. The hospital is currently undergoing demo/conversion. The only way you’d get in is much the way we all do. Horton road, Epsom will get you near

  30. Hey

    i am in my 3rd year of a photography degree and am thinking of doing abandonment for my next project, i am researching into this building as it looks great from these photos. i was wondering if anyone knew the address or contact number of anyone who owns this building. please email me

    thanks Emma

  31. Hi,
    I am trying to find out information about my Great Aunt, Lilian Axton. I think that she was at West Park for a long time and she died there in 1988. Does anyone remember her??? I would so love to know more about her. I can’t believe how they used to treat people years ago. I have been told that Lilian was epileptic and had a break down after losing a baby. She spent her whole life in an institution – so sad.


  32. Hi,
    Im doing a local history project and I’ve chosen to focus on West Park Hospital.

    If any of you have any information on the hospital, especially if you used to work there or are an ex-patient Id love to hear from you!

    I need any information I can get, no matter how small it is!

    My email is: abbie.davison@hotmail.com
    Thanks x

  33. hi all…. i worked in west park from 1984 to 1985….a great place and i have great memories of it……i worked in drummond ward which was the “locked ward”..there was some interesting characters in drummond i often wonder what became of them.i lived in caldwell house and made some great friends there and met some great characters….had some great parties around cavell house and the social club…anyone else out there who worked in west park?

  34. Hello everyone. I am doing a publication on this place and would love for any of you to get in touch.
    My name is Gina Soden, I am absolutely fascinated by this place, its history and any memories or stories you may have to share would be fabulous..
    My email is ginasoden@googlemail.com
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  35. Hi I trained at Westpark between 1983-1986. We were told in lectures about some of the disturbing facts and historically how awful it was for patients. When we trained we were taught to treat everyone with respect and consideration. I can honestly say I only ever saw kindness during my time there but I am aware of some horror stories about bygone years.

    I have such fond memories of the hospital and some of the wonderful characters I nursed. I lived in Cavel House and I feel It is sad this building is being left to rack and ruin.

  36. Hi,

    I did my nurse training in West Park Hospital from 1989 – 1992 and moved back to Ireland in 1993. I have very fond and happy memories of working there. It is so sad to see how the grounds and building have been let go.

  37. Hi Nancy

    Like you, we are in the process of doing a Family Tree. We had an aunt who died there in 1978 – just 27 year old. Her name was Mary Connolly. Can anyone help with further details.

    Many thanks.

  38. Josephine Williams

    I was a patient in West Park Hospital several times between 1969 and 1973. I would love to make contact with any former patients, or even staff.

  39. I find places like this fascinating. I went round Hellingly Asylum yesterday, and it was amazing, although a big shame that people feel the need to destroy what’s left!

  40. Hi

    Tying up some loose ends with my family tree…I had a relation Nellie Pegum nee Silver who was a patient for many years and died there in 1973..Anyone know her?


  41. I’m with M Miller. Would love to participate in urbex visits, but too scared to do so. Thank you to all those do and enable us to visit vicariously through photos and video. I was a student nurse [general] and did my psychiatric placement at this hospital in about 85-86. It was eerie then. But now it is empty its even more so. If you believe in the ‘stone tape’ theory, this place would have a lifetime of history to tell. Thank you

  42. Rachel Durrant

    Hi there – as a trainee counsellor I find these photos and comments re west park fascinating, and find it deeply disturbing how people with mental health issues were treated. I can only hope that the interventions in therapy today show that all people are equal and that we are all susceptable to mental health problems if we are subject to certain conditions. I am particularly saddened that post natal depression would have been termed as reason for becoming a patient – Cheryl, thank you for speaking about your experience as a young woman, I can only begin to imagine how hard that period in your life must have been x

  43. Cheryl Smith-Hinton

    I was a patient in 1968 after losing a baby to cot death, my diagnosis was post natal depression. It was a large place with mixed wards which to a 18 year old made it very frightening, the male nurses were ex military or police and were enormous. It was about control not therapy. I was there for 8 months and the memory scars me still. I am glad it is closed and long may it be gone.

  44. Cans someone please let me know how to get into the location. Due to a photography exam project I have planned work around the potential of this building; however difficulties in entering the building have limited my project 🙁 HELP PLEASE

  45. Hi,I was the Social Centre Manager at West Park,
    I started there 1978 and left in 1990 when It became a Nursing Area Dennis White was the Nursing Officer, he is well and living in Devon.
    I find these pictures so very sad, although it was a hospital we had some wonderful times and some great christmas parties for the Patients. Those walls have thousands of lives in their memories, I am a memory and my memories are remembered with great affection.

  46. antonio Espinosa

    Hola ana como ves en direction me llamo antonio,veo que estas buscando a tu tio federico,yo lo conocia muy bien,sigue viviendo en epsom,lo que no se es donde,pero eso no es problema ninguno porque yo tengo buenos contactos,osea que si lees esta carta y todavia estas interesada en ponerte en contacto con tu tio federico,escribeme a la direction que ves arriba.

  47. hi to all readers,
    this is so interesting!!!!and this is justmy first glimpse.
    i am a nurse and have just re-entered the mental health feild,which prompted me to look this up, mental health has changed so much, i now reside in australia but i worked as a nursing auxillary at west park from 1983 ish, i also lived in!!!!! i first started in the laundry prior to nursing.!!!!

  48. Hi, my step mother was a patient at west park until she died their on 27th october 1977 did you know her, not sure of her docter. She was from kenya her name was Yvonne Maria Hutchison and lived in epsom

  49. Hey i am doing research etc on this building, i am using it for a photography exam project and was wondering if anyone knew the address or contact number of the council that owns this building. email me

  50. hola me llamo ana y busco a mi tio federico lopez murias,el trabajo en el WEST PARK HOPITAL epsom surrey,marcho de espagne en 1973,ahora tiene 73 anos y se caso en epsom surrey,por favor ayudeme a buscarlo,yo soy espagnola pero vivo en paris.

    > hi my name is ana and looking for my uncle Federico Lopez died, the work in WEST PARK HOPITAL Epsom surrey, leaving from espagne in 1973, now has 73 years and in case Epsom surrey, please help me find it, but I’m espagnola I live in paris.

  51. joyce lukassen

    1974-1975 i was an in patient dr.clein was my dr. any ex-patient ?

  52. nice pictures, just wondering how to get in to the place because i have tryed a number of times and the laser fences have caught me each time. if you have any information on how to get in could you reply thanks.

  53. Great pictures, well laid out site. Would love to visit some of these places and take pictures but I’m a big coward, I’d be scared of someone finding me there and I’m just so glad there are people like you who take pictures that big scaredies like me can look at. Keep up the good work.

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