Industrial Popular

Battersea Power Station, London

There are a handful of ‘iconic’ sites within the UK exploring community.  I could talk to you for hours about some of the truly great

Hospitals Popular

Barrow Hospital, Bristol

A return to the first real site I explored. Barrow Hospital opened in the late 1930s as an expansion to the overcrowded Bristol City Asylum,

Asylums Popular Tone Vale

Tone Vale Hospital, Taunton

Founded in 1892 and built in 1897 Tone Vale was originally named Somerset and Bath Asylum, then Tone Vale Asylum and finally Tone Vale Hospital.

Asylums Popular St Lawrences

St Lawrences Asylum, Bodmin

Orginally known as ‘Cornwall County Asylum’ it was founded in 1815 at Westheath Avenue, Bodmin and became known as St Lawrence’s Hospital under the National


Stoke Damerel High School For Girls, Plymouth

The Stoke Damerel Secondary School for Girls was founded in August 1926, when the Plymouth Local Education Authority transferred the girls from Regent Street Central

Asylums Cherry Knowle Popular

Cherry Knowle Asylum, Sunderland

Sunderland County Borough began construction of its own asylum during 1893, completed in 1895. The site chosen consisted of sloping land outside the village of

Asylums Cane Hill Popular

Cane Hill Asylum, 3rd Surrey County Lunatic Asylum, Coulsdon

Cane Hill Asylum will maybe remembered not as one the most famous of the county asylums but certainly one of the most interesting. From a

Asylums Popular Severalls

Severalls Hospital, Colchester

Severalls Hospital, (or Severalls Asylum as its was originally known) Colchester, opened in 1913 for 1800 patients. It is based on the “echelon plan”, which

Asylums Popular West Park

West Park Hospital, Epsom

West Park Hospital or ‘West Park Asylum’ as it is more commonly called was founded in 1912 & competed by 1924. West Park was the

Industrial Popular

Robert Fletcher & Son Ltd – Greenfield, Oldham

Sometimes refereed to as ?Fletchers mill? or ?Fletchers Paper Mill? this mill sits tucked away in the valleys of east Oldham as if one day