Out of the 5 mills situated in Talybont the mill was the only one built on the banks of the River Celuan. It is sometimes refereed to as Heron Mill.  Built in 1847 by the Morris family it prominently produced flannel and cloth.
Although originally powered by a small waterwheel it was converted to run on electric during the 1920/30’s.  The mill continued to operate till 1962 when, like so many other mills, it suffered from imported cotton prices.  Attempts were made to pass the ownership over to the national trust but the then owners could not contribute to the cost of handing it over.  Grade II* listed in 1997 the mill retains nearly all of its working machinery at closure. It is as if the workers simply walked out one day and never returned.


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    Awesome pics mate

  • Zoe, September 1, 2014 @ 12:15

    Hi, I’ve tried getting the exact location up for these mills, nothings seems to be appearing, are they still there? Could it be possible if you e-mail me any information on where I can find these.
    Much appreciated!

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