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Stanley Mill, Kings Stanley

Stanley Mill is grade 1 listed woolen mill located just oustide of the village of Stonehouse.  Work started on building the mill in 1812 and completed in 1813. It remained in use until 1989 when the majority of the mill was closed down.  Given its listed status English Heritage have worked with the current owners to ensure the building does not fall into disrepair.

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  1. Caron de Burgh (nee Hansford)

    My father worked here for many years Marling Industries and Marling industrial Felts before he died in 1999. I wish this beautiful building could be restored and used again.

  2. My great great great grandparents and some of their children worked here in the 1830s plus. They lived in Woodside Lane, Kings Stanley. Their cottages are long gone.

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