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The Cottage, Wales

Located in a really remote part of Wales. A former farm it last sold in 2007.  However its probably 30 or 40 years since anyone lived in it.

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  1. I tried to get to this place but got lost lol

  2. hey, i am looking for places to explore. i have never been to an abandoned place before but i would be honoured to be able to have this place as one of my first urbex experiences. please could you give me directions/screen shots to get here please? highly appropriated if so.

  3. Your assumptions would be correct, although its not haunted or spoky in the slightest. Just a bastard to trek to in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Hi, I’ve assumed that this isn’t a place that the public can visit as it seems to be privately owned, but I just wanted to double-check? I’m in the process of compiling a book of haunted/spooky places and this looks perfect! Best Regards x

  5. Sorry, I’m not giving that sort of info out.

  6. Yo Tumbles,
    Any more details as to where abouts in Wales this? Maps screenhost would be great if you can get one for me.
    Best regards

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