Bomb Proof Records Room, Bristol

The Bristol Port Railway and Pier company (BPRP) ran from a main terminus at Hotwells (originally called Clifton), northwards to west of Bristol city centre


Shedload, Bristol

Located below the hustle and bustle of the streets of Bristol this detention tank was built in the late 80’s/early 90’s to cope with any


Bristol Royal Infirmary – Old Building, Bristol

When an infirmary was founded on this site in 1736 it was among the earliest in the country, but the Old Building itself is later


West of England and South Wales Bank, Bristol

The Lloyds Bank is a historic building situated at 53 & 55 Corn Street in Bristol, England. Originally the West of England and South Wales


Bristol Crown Court, Bristol

The original crown courts built as part of a much larger Bridwell island complex that featured a police station, cells, court room + waiting cells,


The Slipper Baths, Bristol

Bristol South Swimming Baths opened in the 1930’s and are located in the south of Dame Emily Park.  It still operatates as a council run


Frenchay Hospital, Bristol

Frenchay Hospital was a former A&E hospital in North Bristol that closed in May of this year after the creation of the new ‘Super Hospital’


Bristol Ice Rink, Bristol

Bristol Ice Rink opened as part of a huge Mecca entertainment complex in the 60’s known as the ‘New Bristol Centre’. At the time it


Barrow Hosptial, Bristol ? The Phone Camera Experiement Part 2

Following on from my first post about taking shots on a camera phone I headed back to Barrow Hospital. This time armed with just the


Barrow Hosptial, Bristol – The Phone Camera Experiement

I recently took delivery of a brand new Nokia Lumia 925 on trial.  The reason of the trial was to test the phone and particularly


Bristol General Hospital, Bristol

The history of Bristol General dates back to 1832.  The lack of any health care in the growing industrial areas of Bedminster and Redclife became


Barrow Hospital, Bristol (35mm)

To start off 2012 a trip to the local, the old favourite.  It’s been a while, 18 months or more since I last visited and