Asylums Runwell

Runwell Hospital, Essex

Following the ending of contracts accommodating patients at the Essex county’s Brentwood mental hospital, joint facilities were developed between East Ham and Southend-on-sea boroughs. A

Asylums Denbigh

North Wales Hospital, Denbigh

The North Wales Lunatic Asylum was the first psychiatric institution built in Wales; construction began in 1844 and completed in 1848 in the town of

Asylums Mid Wales

Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

A quick stop on the way back from Denbigh to check out the state of affairs at Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth.  The site has continued

Asylums Mid Wales

Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

The forth trip of the year to Mid Wales despite previous statements of not visiting again. With still no sign of any purchaser of the

Asylums Lancaster Moor

Lancaster Moor Asylum, Lancaster

The County Lunatic Asylum, on Lancaster Moor, opened in 1816, and since enlarged, is a stately quadrangular building of stone, with a handsome front, relieved

Asylums St Marys

St Mary’s Hospital, Stannington

My 3rd and final visit to St Mary’s – with demolition already there wasn’t much thought. Sadly due to this not much of the main

Asylums Mid Wales

Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

My final visit to Mid Wales and only one brought on by the opertunity to see the chapel which has recently become avaliable. The Mid

Asylums St Edwards

St Edward’s Asylum, Cheddleton

St Edward’s Asylum was constructed between 1895 and 1899. It provided a welcome overflow to the nearby St Georges Asylum in Stafford and St. Matthew’s

Asylums Popular Tone Vale

Tone Vale Hospital, Taunton

Founded in 1892 and built in 1897 Tone Vale was originally named Somerset and Bath Asylum, then Tone Vale Asylum and finally Tone Vale Hospital.

Asylums Mid Wales

Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

Yet Another trip to Mid Wales Hospital. With 6 inches of snow at Talgarth it proved too much to resist popping up to capture the

Asylums Mid Wales

Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

A return to the first asylum I ever visited. I have been here many times before and wasn’t intending to visit again but the news

Asylums West Park

West Park Hospital, Epsom

These are actually some images from another short visit in September. For previous visits and history check out the gallery for a full list.