Originally known as The Markinch Power Station it was built to provide electricity and steam to the paper mill.  Construction took two years and was completed in 1914.

The original boilers and generators were replaced with 3 parson turbine/generator sets in 1951. An addtional forth turbine was later added.

By 1999 the search for cleaner methods to create electricity resulted in one of the turbines being converted to run gas.  This was short lived as an entirely new biomass powerstation was adjacent and by 2012 the turbines had spun for the final time.  The new plant provided both steam and electricity to the paper mill.

In 2015 the company went into administration resulting in the complete closure of the paper mill and over 300 jobs were lost. The biomass powerstation continues to operate and supplies to the national grid.


  • Colin smith, November 18, 2020 @ 20:00

    I worked as a turbine assistant in 1988-1989 at Gillis Russell and it was my grandfather that helped to install the new turbines in 1951. He was a turbine Driver.

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