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Bank of England House

Bank of England House, Bristol

Almost as old as Bristol itself, St Mary Le Port Street was an important thoroughfare of the City, linking the area around St Peter’s Church,

Asylums Springfield

Springfield Hospital, Tooting

The hospital opened on the 14th June, 1841 and admitted 299 patients that had all be examined by Alexander Morison, the visiting physician to Springfield,


Brislington War Room, Region 7, Bristol

Explored in April 2018, this was the result of 12 years wait. The wait was more than worth it. When in 1948, spurred on by


Bomb Proof Records Room, Bristol

The Bristol Port Railway and Pier company (BPRP) ran from a main terminus at Hotwells (originally called Clifton), northwards to west of Bristol city centre


Shedload, Bristol

Located below the hustle and bustle of the streets of Bristol this detention tank was built in the late 80’s/early 90’s to cope with any

Asylums Whitchurch

Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff

Cardiff City Mental Hospital opened in 1908.  During the planning stage it was referred in name as both Whitchurch Asylum and Cardiff City Asylum. The


Bristol Royal Infirmary – Old Building, Bristol

When an infirmary was founded on this site in 1736 it was among the earliest in the country, but the Old Building itself is later

Asylums Sunnyside Royal

Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Montrose

A second visit to Sunnyside, 12 months from my previous visit Sunnyside Royal Hospital was a psychiatric hospital located in Hillside, north of Montrose, Scotland.


Plaza Cinema, Port Talbot

The cinema opened in 1940 and has the typical appereance of Art Deco Odeons of the same era despite being fully independant. Some people claim


Robert Fletcher & Son Ltd – Greenfield, Oldham

The beginnings of the firm of Robert Fletcher & Son Limited are lost in the mist of time. It is probably that it was one


Imperial Dock Grain Warehouse, Leith

Built in 1933/4 the imperial grain warehouse at Leith is an monumental 15-bay flat-roofed concrete grain elevator and warehouse with front block rising 5-storeys over


London Road Deep Shelter, Portsmouth

London Road Shelter in the Portsdown area of Portsmouth was constructed as a shelter during the second world war. The second deep shelter of its